Dialysis Technician

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Dialysis technicians monitor and operate dialysis machinery, which removes waste and excess fluids from the blood of patients whose kidneys are no longer functioning properly. In addition to preparing patients and monitoring dialysis treatment, dialysis technicians also prepare post treatment reports. They also work on protocols for Equipment evaluation and training materials for patients and staff. Dialysis technicians generally work under a physician or nurse’s supervision, usually in a hospital, clinic or home-dialysis program

What you will learn?

Renal failure, or kidney disease, results in an excess of wastes and fluids in the blood that dialysis technicians help remove through the operation of a dialysis machine. Dialysis technicians must have a thorough knowledge of how the dialysis machine functions and interacts with the human body. They are also responsible for cleaning and sterilizing the dialysis machine.

Dialysis technicians perform several other duties under the supervision of nurses and doctors, including recording patient information and measuring a patient’s vital signs before, during and after dialysis. Because dialysis technicians come into contact with blood, they must understand safety precautions and have an awareness of HIV and hepatitis prevention.

Eligibility Criteria : Plus 2 and above (degree/gnm/diploma)


I semester

  • English
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology
  • Pharmacology related to Dialysis Technician

2 semester

  • Applied anatomy and Physiology related to dialysis technician
  • Concepts of Renal Disease.
  • 6 months internship