The most difficult parts of the job search process can be figuring out exactly what employers are looking for.To simplify that process, we have analyzed job postings to figure out what “hard skills” those that are specific, measurable and teachable employers most want from candidates.

Many of this year’s most desired hard skills can lead to high-paying jobs in the industries with the biggest job growth, like tech and healthcare. Learning   an in-demand hard skill while in college can be the easiest way to find a job, but platforms like iREZ also offer training in courses. By building the skills set for the job you want, you can make yourself the ideal candidate no matter what your major or degree is.

Dr. Mony

Retd. Civil Surgeon
Government Women And Children’s Hospital Thycaud, TVM

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Nowadays, healthcare industry needs qualified people worldwide in large scale and you can’t find the right training institution which provides world class training and their proper accreditation. This is were we come in. we have the right networks to get career started with our we explore to learn more about what our career programs are capable of offering you and the requirements for each job role.