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The healthcare industry continues to see more growth than any other in India. This escalation stems from a number of accelerators, such as the retirement of the sixties generation,a rise in the life expectancy and changes such as healthcare reform.   Read more

Hands on Training

We provide training with a career in mind so that the student emerges totally competent in not just the theoretical aspects but fully conversant with the practical nitty-gritties of health care technology and management.   Read more

Online Resources

The curriculum and syllabi are designed for easy comprehension. The entire course material is available online at the website. These include lecture videos and class notes. These are made instantaneously available to the student when she registers for the course.   Read more

Interesting Internships

We send our students to our industry partners who instil the professional spirit into raw recruits. Why settle for a dull desk job when exciting internship opportunities could be yours for the taking?   Read more

Better career prospects

The latest statistics show employment in healthcare will continue to grow through 2018 and very likely continue far beyond because the aging population means increasing numbers of people in older age groups, who are living longer and have increasing healthcare needs. As a result, the demand for healthcare will increase.   Read more

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As a leading Healthcare and Education company IREZ Academy Pvt.Ltd. We offer the unique opportunity to face challenges through enriched learning, academic excellence, professional training and corporate exposure.

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The faculty, well-known and highly respected in their respective academic fraternities, is really what distinguishes IREZ from the other Medical Health Care schools.


All possible teaching and learning facilities are installed and operational at iREZ. Medical Health Care facilities are accessible through our network of Industry / Hospital Partners.

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Syllabii and curriculum are tailored to suit rapid comprehension and ease of practice. The training hours are complemented with a vast online repository of knowledge easily accessible to our students.

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whI feel light years ahead of medical students who did not come from a similar program like medicine, health, and society, because to be a good doctor it takes more than just understanding science. Vanderbilt is at the forefront of this type of patient-centered care—of not just treating the disease but treating the patient too.at people said about us

our testimonials

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Nowadays, healthcare industry needs qualified people worldwide in large scale and you can’t find the right training institution which provides world class training and their proper accreditation. This is were we come in. we have the right networks to get career started with our programs.so we explore to learn more about what our career programs are capable of offering you and the requirements for each job role.